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New Speculation For The Druid Being A Possible Addition To Diablo 3

by - 3 years ago

As development seems to be winding down on Diablo III, many wonder what is next for the franchise. We have reported previously on the hiring action taking place for an Unannounced Project marked under the Diablo banner at Blizzard Entertainment, but not much has emerged in the way of concrete news on that front. Most members of the community believe that Diablo III has now entered “maintenance mode”. In order for the team to develop the next game, it would stand to reason that at some point, efforts to support the current game would cease to exist or transpire at a much slower rate.

However, a new easter egg that I discovered on the PTR hints at the fact that the Druid class was either being worked on for Diablo III as an additional character pack, similar to the Necromancer, and got scrapped or that it may be coming in the future.

In this video, I break down my investigation into the PTR secret and combine it with some previous speculation to resurrect the question of whether a Druid could or would ever make it into Diablo III.

Now, what do you think? Would it make sense to add the Druid to Diablo III? Are the resources there to launch a new class? Hop into the comments and let us know where you fall on this topic!

Stephen Stewart

Leviathan is a top-tier Hardcore player, with several Top 10 Leaderboard finishes during Seasons and also many high rankings and server-firsts for various Conquests. His favorite class is the Crusader and you can catch his stream at https://www.twitch.tv/leviathan111!

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