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Earlier this week, Senior Game Designer Joe Shely issued a new entry in the Developer Chronicles series on Greater Rifts. The topic of discussion this time around revolves around fishing in Greater Rifts. Shely goes into detail on the different facets that Blizzard takes into account in terms of how players experience Greater Rifts and what keeps the endeavor fresh each time. As certain aspects (character power, for example) become more or less static, according to Shely, it’s important for the team to make sure players still encounter high levels of diversity by other means. This is reflected namely in the recent changes to Greater Rifts regarding monster populations and more frequently changing tilesets. However, as they achieve this mission, it means that finding “the perfect Greater Rift” will take more effort by the players aiming for the highest GR clears. Continue onward for the entire entry and let us know


Patch 2.5.0 PTR February 7 Update

by Stephen Stewart on

The PTR for Patch 2.5.0 is currently available for testing, with features such as the Armory, Crafting Mats tab, and Primal Ancients making their debut. However, this is a major patch and as such, more developments continue to arrive with each patch placed on the PTR. Yesterday, a new update was delivered and includes juicy changes to many class sets, among other things. As an aside, Primal Ancients are one of the more controversial additions for the community and Community Manager Nevalistis has noted that significant changes are coming to them, but they are scheduled for a future patch, so don’t expect to see anything different for Primals in this latest update. See the isolated February 7 changes below and refer to this post for the original patch notes.

Episode 110 – Necros, Patches, and Primals, OH MY! Two new FAQs, a new PTR, so much to cover! Neinball takes you through all the changes in the last two weeks as well as: are primals good for the game? How much work is going into the necromancer? Why should you care about the armory?

The Patch 2.5.0 was just launched earlier tonight with many of the features previously announced at Blizzcon. Included in the current PTR are the new Armory and Crafting Mat storage features. Switching builds has never been easier with the new Armory and it will be a huge quality of life change. The big unexpected change in this patch is the inclusion of a new tier of items, Primal Ancients. These items will be even rarer than regular Ancients, likely a 1% base drop rate, but will be even more powerful. Weapon damage seems to have been increased by roughly 18% compared to current ancients and all other scaling attributes seem to have been buffed by 30%. There are a few other minor tweaks and quality of life changes (no more bonus bounties!) and you can find the full list below.

As you may recall, there is a Facebook Live Q&A session coming up this Thursday focused specifically on the Necromancer class, which is set to be added to Diablo III sometime later this year. However, there was also a Facebook Live Q&A session of a more general nature near the end of 2016 hosted by Community Manager Nevalistis and Senior Game Designer Joe Shely. That session covered many questions on major features and developments that players were curious about, but it also left the community chatting in the wake of the session, looking for more answers. As such, Blizzard has rolled back around with some further enlightenment on questions concerning the Paragon system, Greater Rifts, and the meta of the strongest builds for each class. Continue below for the answers.

Episode 109 – Season NINE, NINE, NINE! Neinball and Leviathan cover the start of Season NINE and some of the top builds to get your started. We also discuss future patches, the necromancer, and more! As always, we read through your comments and showcase your epic loot! We love hearing from our fans so drop us an email with your feedback and items at westmarchworkshop@blizzpro.com

The next major Diablo event for 2017 has been announced. On January 26 at 5:00 p.m. PST, Senior Game Designer Travis Day, Lead VFX Artist Julian Love, and Community Manager Nevalistis will get together for a Facebook Live Q&A session focusing on the Necromancer. As you may recall, one of the marquee announcements from BlizzCon 2016 was the reveal of the Necromancer coming to Diablo III in the second half of 2017. This Q&A session will likely follow a similar style to the one that took place near the tail end of 2016 with Senior Game Designer Joe Shely and Nevalistis. You can submit your questions on the Necromancer  via Twitter or the forums and below are the details on how to do so.

Episode 108: New Year, New Patch! Neinball and Leviathan are joined by none other than the elusive Dredscythe! In this episode our hosts and guest talk about Patch 2.4.3, Season 9, and class balance over the seasons. As always, we read through your comments and showcase your epic loot! We love hearing from our fans so drop us an email with your feedback and items at westmarchworkshop@blizzpro.com

A fun community event has recently been revealed to coincide with the beginning of Season 9 tomorrow evening, January 6. At 8:00 PM EST, the team of Community Manager Nevalistis and community guide maker/streamer Bluddshed will stream on Facebook Live as they attempt to take down The Butcher in the anniversary event, the Darkening of Tristram, using only the gear that comes with a newly created character. Details are scarce, but I personally hope this happens on a high difficulty with Hardcore characters for maximum fear and entertainment. Tune in here tomorrow to watch the show! On Friday, we're taking on the anniversary event's Butcher using only our starting weapons! Watch via Facebook Live: https://t.co/WcMebdsP8V pic.twitter.com/eVgsgcIfag — Diablo (@Diablo) January 5, 2017

The celebrations for 20 years of Diablo continue to roll on. Another way Blizzard Entertainment is enjoying reaching this milestone is by offering an excellent deal to those that don’t currently own Diablo III, Reaper of  Souls, or both games on the PC. Better yet, if you have some friends that you’d like to get playing with you, especially ahead of all the features we have in store for the rest of 2017, now would be a great time to point them in the direction of this sale. Blizzard has chopped the prices of the games significantly, but they won’t be this cheap for too long, so grab a gift for a friend, an upgrade for yourself, or some extra copies and get playing!