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Blizzard announced today the release date of the first season for console players (PS4 and Xbox One) of Diablo 3, which was announced at BlizzCon. Starting Friday March 31st console players will be able to enjoy season just like PC players have (including the Rebirth option). Check out the full details on the Blizzard post about this, below are a few of the important items coming for this season. The following is the sets available via Haedrig’s Gift for Season 10: Barbarian – The Legacy of Raekor Crusader – Armor of Akkhan Demon Hunter – Embodiment of the Marauder Monk – Inna’s Mantra Witch Doctor – Zunimassa’s Haunt Wizard – Delsere’s Magnum Opus Another key piece of info outlines that you will need to be connected to either the Playstation Network, or the Xbox Live service to create (or rebirth) your character for the season:

START OFF THE SEASON WITH A FULL SET! As seen in the picture below, each class gets a certain Set via Haedrig’s Gift! Simply complete the tasks outline in this article and get that running start to the season! Hot To Get Em All! Reach Level 70: You will get your first two set pieces! Kill Zolton Kulle: You must kill Zolton Kulle on T2 or higher. The 2 set pieces you got after hitting 70, along with a few crafted items, should make killing him a little easier (this can also be done in a full party). Killing Zolton Kulle will give you the next two pieces of your 6 piece set! Now you will have 4 pieces when you move onto the next phase. Complete Great Rift 20 (between T4-T5 difficulty) or Higher Solo. The 4 piece set with a few crafted items will also make this a lot easier!

 W I Z A R D   IMPORTANT FACTS ABOUT SET DUNGEONS! The 6 Piece Bonus Must Be Active: While you must wear the entire set for the Pilar to spawn, you can equip a Ring of Royal Grandeur to reduce the set items required for a full set by 1. As long as you have that on your character, or in Kanai’s Cube, your 5 piece set will be allowed into the Dungeon. Hardcore Players CANNOT DIE in Set Dungeons: Instead of dying your life will reach 1hp and prevent death will be activated. Monsters will still have the attack animation, however, their attacks will do no damage to you. A GREEN PORTAL will appear beside you, after the death procs, and it will take you back to the outside of the set dungeon entrance. DO NOT TAKE THE GREEN EXIT! ANY monster sitting outside the entrance that you ran past to get


D3 School: Speed Leveling For Season 4

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EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW TO BE A PRO! IMPORTANT DOs & DON’Ts  Regardless of The Method Used To Level ALWAYS: Take your followers weapons for more damage starting off! Even if you are solo, you can still use your follower without them having a weapon. Check for cursed events. Stick to Act 1 Cursed Chest events, as the monsters in Act 1 are the easiest to kill, resulting in maximum efficiency. Cursed chests can be found in The Fields of Misery, The Old Ruins, Cathedral Level 1, Caverns of Araneae, and Halls of Agony 3. Keep an eye out for Helms with SOCKETS! Place a Ruby (Red) Gem into it (Red Gems = XP Boost). If you are in a party SHARE the extra socket-ed helms with your group. PICK UP EVERYTHING! Salvage everything you get to drop in game once you out level them (DO NOT be afraid


Transmog Tuesday #16

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In the newest round of the Transmog Tuesday series, fellow BlizzPro writer, Three Days, introduces his Wizard: The Witch of the Wilds.

Welcome to the Horadrim Corner! Come gather by the fire and talk about the builds you all want to see! Let the ancient knowledge of the Horadrim assist your quest for greatness as you slaughter the demons that stand in your way. For all that is good, build yourself into a warrior worthy of Pandemonium! Allo allo! And welcome to another edition of the Horadrim Corner. This week we shall be featuring our favorite elemental master, the Wizard. We shall be using both of the Wizard’s main sets, Tal Rasha’s Elements and Delsere’s Magnum Opus. You get the best of both worlds, with huge CC damage-dealing bubbles and a shower of meteors falling from the sky. With this combination, you may progress high both solo and with a team, while granting both great utility and damage. Without further ado, here we go: Actives Magic Missile – Glacial Spike: Spammable for use when

Books have often been society’s only bastion of light for passing along knowledge that would otherwise be lost to time or convoluted by the oral tradition. In order to provide new and old adventurers with as much knowledge of what to expect on their journey in Sanctuary, we created this tome of knowledge – Ars Arcanum. We will regularly feature a Legendary weapon or armor piece, discussing its stand-alone powers and capabilities, as well as how it may synergize with new builds or other items. I’d like to take this week to look at a class-specific item that was introduced as in Season Three for Wizards. As noted previously, the bracers slot is one where much utility can be gained from a cavalcade of interesting choices. Ranslor’s Folly enables a powerful opportunity for Wizards to gain some crowd control from a skill that was stripped of its glory after the death of the Critical


Transmog Tuesday #8

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It’s another round of Transmog Tuesday, where we take a look at the best looking Nephalem submitted by YOU, showcase them for the world to see, and figure out what makes them tick. If you’re going to slay demons, shouldn’t you look good doing it? In our previous week of Transmog Tuesday, we featured a Final Fantasy themed Crusader. This week, our Nephalem isn’t quite as armored-up. As a Wizard, the general theme tends to look more like a glass cannon and lightly armored, rather than the Crusader’s goal of having every inch of his or her body covered from enemies. This week, fellow BlizzPro reader King has taken this light armor a step further with his version of the Fire Wizard. King noted that he dislikes the “traditional” robe look, so he wanted to base his build around Delsere’s Magnum Opus chest piece, Harness of Truth. He also liked the way

Welcome to the Horadrim Corner! Come gather by the fire and talk about the builds you all want to see! Let the ancient knowledge of the Horadrim assist your quest for greatness as you slaughter the demons that stand in your way. For all that is good, build yourself into a warrior worthy of Pandemonium! Hello and welcome to this second edition of Horadrim Corner. I am Threedaysjpt, here to show off weekly builds to help get you kickstart your Diablo grind. Have you ever just wanted to take things easy in your trek across Sanctuary and slow things down? Or have you ever wanted to take that one step further and just let everything freeze? Well, this is the build for you. Here is the Frozen Time Wizard, a popular new support build made possible by Patch 2.2.0 that offers great utility and crowd control for the whole party.

Blizzpro brings you not only one, but two Wizards builds. These builds are based around two severely underrated skills. Come in to check out different ways to play your Arcanist, you might even find a new playstlye that sparks your interest. You don't want to neglect these skills, It's always best to know all the tools you have at your disposal so you can be the best Wizard in Sanctuary.