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The next major Diablo event for 2017 has been announced. On January 26 at 5:00 p.m. PST, Senior Game Designer Travis Day, Lead VFX Artist Julian Love, and Community Manager Nevalistis will get together for a Facebook Live Q&A session focusing on the Necromancer. As you may recall, one of the marquee announcements from BlizzCon 2016 was the reveal of the Necromancer coming to Diablo III in the second half of 2017. This Q&A session will likely follow a similar style to the one that took place near the tail end of 2016 with Senior Game Designer Joe Shely and Nevalistis. You can submit your questions on the Necromancer  via Twitter or the forums and below are the details on how to do so.

A fun community event has recently been revealed to coincide with the beginning of Season 9 tomorrow evening, January 6. At 8:00 PM EST, the team of Community Manager Nevalistis and community guide maker/streamer Bluddshed will stream on Facebook Live as they attempt to take down The Butcher in the anniversary event, the Darkening of Tristram, using only the gear that comes with a newly created character. Details are scarce, but I personally hope this happens on a high difficulty with Hardcore characters for maximum fear and entertainment. Tune in here tomorrow to watch the show! On Friday, we're taking on the anniversary event's Butcher using only our starting weapons! Watch via Facebook Live: — Diablo (@Diablo) January 5, 2017

The celebrations for 20 years of Diablo continue to roll on. Another way Blizzard Entertainment is enjoying reaching this milestone is by offering an excellent deal to those that don’t currently own Diablo III, Reaper of  Souls, or both games on the PC. Better yet, if you have some friends that you’d like to get playing with you, especially ahead of all the features we have in store for the rest of 2017, now would be a great time to point them in the direction of this sale. Blizzard has chopped the prices of the games significantly, but they won’t be this cheap for too long, so grab a gift for a friend, an upgrade for yourself, or some extra copies and get playing!


Patch 2.4.3 Is Live!

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The next patch for Reaper of Souls is finally here! As we’ve been noting along the way, this particular entry includes the 20th Anniversary event, the Darkening of Tristram, as well as several updates to class sets, reworks to the way that Greater Rifts spawn their mobs and tilesets, and new Legendary powers on previously released items. This patch also makes way for the beginning of Season 9, launching this Friday, January 6. Take a look below for the official patch notes and we’ll see you in Sanctuary!


Official Patch 2.4.3 Preview

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With the new year here and Season 9 right around the corner, Patch 2.4.3 should arrive any day now. However, it looks like today, Tuesday, (which has been the normal day for patching Diablo III in recent history) is not that day. An official preview of everything we can expect to see when 2.4.3. goes live just went up on the official website for Diablo III, so it would stand to reason that if they were prepared to launch the patch today, they would have posted the actual patch notes instead. Either way, the wait shouldn’t be too long, since the patch has to go live before Season 9’s January 6 start date, so in the mean time, read up on what you can expect to see once we get this exciting update in our hands.


Happy 20th Anniversary, Diablo!

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The date? December 31, 1996. The place? Northern California. Blizzard North has just officially put the wraps on Diablo, an action role-playing game. Long story short, the gaming world as it existed would no longer be the same. The very first Diablo game simultaneously mutated, redefined, and created its own genre. No one knew what would come after, but with the advantage of being able to look back 20 years now to that fateful day, it’s fair to say that the legacy and importance of Diablo will be everlasting. Yes, 20 years later we have seen two sequels added to the franchise; we have seen millions upon millions of players hack and slash their way through billions, if not trillions, of monsters; and we have found ALL the loot. It has been an amazing journey, whether you were playing on that first day (or more likely in January 1997) or if you just picked

In what is likely one of the last Lightning Talks from BlizzCon 2016 to be uploaded, we have Senior Software Engineer David Pendergrast going into the details of how the Darkening of Tristram event came to be. The difficulties of lowering the quality of the Diablo III engine to pay true homage to the aesthetics of the first game can be truly appreciated as David goes over the graphical and mechanical tweaks they worked on to add up to the experience players will get throughout the event. This upload comes right on the heels of yesterday’s news, which teased cross-game events in all of Blizzard’s franchises so that everyone can join in on the celebration of 20 years of Diablo.

The 20th anniversary of the Diablo franchise is fast approaching. By the end of this month, Diablo was unveiled to the world in 1996, although realistically, most players didn’t get their hands on the game until January 1997. The franchise has grown massively since then, especially off of the back of Diablo II, released in June 2000, and the wildly successful expansion to that game, Lord of Destruction, which came out exactly one year later in June 2001. It then took many many years until the next notch in the series arrived with Diablo III, debuting in May 2012. It was then followed up a little quicker by its expansion, Reaper of Souls, which landed in March 2014. With such a vaulted history, it only makes sense that a celebration for sticking around that long resounds throughout all of Blizzard and that’s exactly what’s happening. In the coming weeks, you will see cross-game events that celebrate the

Next in the line-up of Lightning Talks from BlizzCon 2016, we have Diablo Dungeon Design presented by Senior Game Designer Ed Hanes. This talk goes over the goals the designers have when thinking about dungeons, in relation to pacing and dungeon creation (fixed vs. procedural), as well as all of the methods they can utilize to add variety with random generation and rulesets. This is a really fascinating talk if you’ve ever wondered about what’s going on in the background every time a tileset is made for you.

The holidays are here, but the Lightning Talk recordings from BlizzCon 2016 haven’t stopped rolling in. Today’s entry is entitled “One Couch To Rule Them All” and it’s presented by Gameplay Engineer Mike Hershberg. In this talk, he goes over what went into bringing Diablo III from PC to console and some of the challenges the team faced along the way. Input and local co-op in particular were key elements that pushed certain design decisions.

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