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Diablo IV: What’s Next Panel Coverage

by - 1 week ago

BlizzConline 2021 has all the Diablo news and here is where you’ll be able to get a recap of the Diablo IV: What’s Next panel!

The panel started out with a recap of all the Quarterly updates and how the community has been receptive to them by Luis Barriga (Game Director) and John Mueller (Art Director).

They announced the fourth class for Diablo IV, the Rogue!

New Class – Rogue:

The Rogue is coming in to fulfill a missing archetype of typical Dex classes. The Rouge being the originator seemed like a natural fit.

The Rouge is very versatile. On the melee weapon side they’ll be able to use swords and daggers. On the ranged side it will be bows and cross bows. It is also worth noting that you’ll be able to have your ranged and melee weapons equipped at the same time

They go on to remark about the look of the Rogue and the call backs to previous Diablo games. However, they also love how you’ll be able to take the character look and flush it out through gear, cosmetics, tattoos, etc. to really make it your own.

The, “…that’s Bullshit, I want that” via Luis are the unique class specializations:

Combo Point:

Basic attacks grant you Combo Points, which when consumed by certain skills grant additional effects.

Shadow Realm:

Shadow Realm allows you to pull enemies into a shadowy area for 5 seconds being immune to all damage and increase damage to all enenimes for 5 seconds.

Exploit Weakness:

Exploit Weakness allows you to possible look for points to take advantage off. All hits become critical hits and deal 60% more damage.

The class specialization will work by doing quests unique to only the Rogue. You’ll work with Rogue groups around the world; whether it be the remnants of the Sisterhood of the Sightless Eye, mercenaries of Kehjistan, or Outlaw Smuggles from the swamps of Hawezar. At the end of the day, the specialization works to expand the open world and make you feel like you part of it as well as expand your play style.

Talking about the old mercenaries of older Diablo games being an inspiration for the Rogue, they talk about the special skills that they had. With that said, it was an inspiration for the Imbue System that can be used on melee and ranged weapons alike.

Frost Imbue:

After enough attacks will slow and freeze the battlefield, locking it down. Will work with Sorceress’s Chill special as well.

Shadow Imbue:

When enemies die while underneath this Imbue they explode dealing damage to near by enemies in a an AoE.

Poison Imbue:

Poison Imbue monsters take damage over time poison damage and has a chance to spread with certain abilities.

The class is highly mobile and is designed that way. Meant to attack and move a lot around the battlefield. With great knowledge and skill a player can have upmost control of the situation and kill all enemies; demons and players a like.

Open World:

Careena Kingdom (Animation) and Joe Piepiora (Systems Design) talk about a few great sections that we have been waiting for.

With mounts allowing us to ride all over the open world of Sanctuary. Mounts will of course come in a variety of “flavors” that you’ll be able to get from doing puzzles or hidden locations or by killing certain monsters.

You’ll also be able to customize them with armor, hoof plates, trophies, etc. to make it feel it is yours. They was also mention of changing the hoof plates would affect the speed of your horse – interesting.

They didn’t want mounts to be a thing for something like jousting. They wanted to preserved a sense of reality. Mounts are for travel. With that they did feel having a little flair when dismounting into battle.

Your mount can’t take damage from the monsters of the world but you’ll be forced to dismount if hit. You’ll need to judge your travel with care.


Camps are a new addition to the world. After the events of Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls 9 out of every 10 people were killed off, leading to a power vacuum for the monsters of Sanctuary.

Camps will be unique adventures of there own. There own place in the world and will be additional content, not just side quests. They can be new sources of way points and other things like crafting and vendors when rescued.


They are going for more movement for Diablo IV. Whether it be jumping over canyons or using the vertical space more, they want to make the world feel more adventurous. Cliff faces or jumping around like puzzles help make the world feel more open for exploring.


PvP will work via, “The Hatred of Mephisto,” that has been creeping up through certain parts of each region. You’ll be able to freely walk into these areas that makes you turn against your fellow people. They are optional and not mandatory for the player to ever go to over the course of their playing experience.

You’ll be able to collect Shards of Hatred by opening chests, killing monsters, completing events, killing players, etc. The shards are in an unpurified state. You’ll go to a purification event to start an event to purify them. Players in the area will be made aware of this and you’ll need to defend yourself. Once purified they are yours, but only then.

The shards, once purified will be able to spend them like any other currency. You’ll be able to buy cosmetics like trophies, gear, etc.

When collecting shard you’ll start to become an every increasing Vessel of Hatred.

You’ll be made aware to other players around you. You’ll need to survive for a certain amount of time. Other players will get a bonus to kill you in this time frame.

They stressed that players that don’t want to PvP can still go in to those areas and deal with events and monsters so they shouldn’t feel out of it for the shards themselves. However, in turning them in, you will be vulnerable so be warned!

The items will be more akin to style and cosmetic, not necessarily power.

Ears will be a thing. They will embrace the whole ear of, “player” feel but nothing for vendors.

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