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Diablo IV: World & Lore

by - 1 year ago

Join the Diablo developers as they explore the world of Sanctuary, then stay awhile and listen as the team answers your questions.

Elizabeth Seminario tells us to sit and listen a while. 

The developers will weave a story together about this brand new game.


Jesse McCree talks about how inspiration can come from many forms.

Sanctuary is a big world and has influences from many places.

Television, other games, books, tabletop, and music can be used to get a feel for what they wanted in Diablo IV. A cute piglet can easily become a new monster when looked at through a Diablo Lens.

A simple heavy metal hand gesture can be made into an occult symbol that fits right into Sanctuary.


The Tone of Sanctuary is explained by Sebastion Stepian.

Darkness is one of the tones Diablo IV strives to reimagine. They wanted a much more grounded and edgy story this time.

They wanted us to be able to dive deeper into the lives of the many villages and every day people.

You take on the role of a lone traveler and setting up all these smaller stories both in quests and visuals.

In the end there will always be something big to end on. We were introduced to the Blood Bishop as one example.

When you combine these ideas you get the setup for a smooth progression in the game.


Lore is a huge part of the world. Sean Copeland walks us through some basics.

Diablo IV is affected of course by the story of Diablo III. Especially the Soulstone, and the fallout of it being shattered releasing the prime evil essences.

Lilith is the Key Figure behind things as we start out.


We return to Jesse to learn about the world building. Diablo revolved around the city of Tristram, Diablo II expanded that to an area and gave us further details.

Diablo III expanded the world and the use of waypoints.

Diablo IV continues to expand and uses a realistic map.



We learn more about the world and Questing areas from Harrison Pink.

Scosglen home of the Druids

Dry Steppes

Fractured Peaks




Candace Thomas walks us through encounters or story telling by punching you in the face.

The Drowned were believed to be legends but now we have to face them.

You can look forward to broken ship parts and fog and water to really bring their story to life.

Bosses can have such a powerful and deep narrative.

We even get a look at Durial lord of Pain.

When you combine the dark tone tone, extensive lore, a diverse world full of quests you begin to get a true feel of all that Diablo IV will have to offer.

Aaron "BLU3" Thomson

Blu3 the head of Overwatch Oversight, the infamous relic hunter, and occasional Crusader.