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Artists at Work: Diablo IV

by - 1 year ago

Join artists from the Diablo team to see how Sanctuary is brought to life in-game through art, animation, and effects.

This panel will let you take a peek into the world of animators on the Diablo IV project. As the panel progresses we will see how ideas develop and evolve as they are worked on.

Daniel Briggs guides us through various stages the artists will go through.

Everything begins with an idea. Rob Sevilla allows to join in as he xplores a new demon concept. At first they want to focus the profile. They want it to stand out and be recognizable with a small size.


Jairo Sanchez gives us a look at the process of sculpting the iconic treasure goblin that will be appearing in Diablo IV.

Corey Peagler allows us to take a look at skill animations. We see the Druid animation for boulder in progress.

As you can see everything that is brought to life in the game has to first go through many iterations and changes before it is finally allowed to become part of the game.


Aaron "BLU3" Thomson

Blu3 the head of Overwatch Oversight, the infamous relic hunter, and occasional Crusader.