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Diablo IV: Unveiled

by - 1 year ago

Game Director Luis Barriga was joined by Tiffany Kwat and John Mueller to talk about some details on gameplay systems, mechanics, and features during their Diablo IV unveiled panel.

  • The Story takes place decades after the events of Reaper of Souls with Lilith as the main antagonist.
  • Diablo IV is a classic isometric ARPG.
  • D4 Features a dark non-linear campaign.
  • Sanctuary is a shared world with five completely open world regions that are all seamless and connected. So you will encounter other players out in the game world along with group based world events.
  • There will be social hubs for picking up quests, encountering other players, crafting, trading, changing builds, accepting world event quests to tackle with other players.
  • PvP is returning and you can kill other players in the open world.
  • There are hundreds of dungeons and hundreds of legendaries.
  • D4 will launch with five classes with three of them being Barbarian, Druid, Sorcerer.
  • D4 will be a more mature and darker experience. Going back to the roots of the franchise with dark fantasy and biblical themes.
  • Customizable mounts for traversing the open world. You can equip trophies on them from monsters, quests, bosses. Mount items also can alter gameplay elements like your mount speed. Each class also gets a dismount ability that is fits thematically with each class.
  • They are taking inspiration from all Diablo games for features and gameplay.
  • The Barbarian has a class based “arsenal system” that allows for four weapon slots. Certain skills will require certain weapon types and the Barbarian will seamlessly switch between them in combat.
  • The Druid can shape shift into different animals seamlessly similar to the Barbarian’s arsenal system,you can assign certain forms to certain skills and your Druid will swap between them. Also features pets and different elemental skills with lightning being a prominent one.
  • The Sorcerer is all about elemental abilities like fire, lightning, and ice. There’s an ability where she can turn into a ball of lightning that does a large amount of AoE damage and increases movement speed.
  • There will be much more character customization upon character creation. You can customize skin color, hair style, scars, facial features. A transmogrification system is also on the table to be implemented.
  • Talent trees are coming back with synergies. These tree’s contain most of your classes passive effects.
  • Active skills for each class require skill points to unlock and rank up. So if you like certain abilities, you can focus on putting all of your skill points into them to make them more powerful.
  • Runewards are coming back slightly different. More free form without secret recipes. The runes directly effect your abilities and even potions with different triggers.
  • Waypoints are returning as they are iconic to the franchise.
  • Dungeons are going to be extremely dark and gritty. With completely randomly generated interior and exterior dungeons.
  • There are big world boss events that players can group together to take part in. Since its a shared world, there will be multiple different types of group based dynamic events.




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