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RL Diablo Treasure Hunt Rewards Real Weapon Replicas, Nintendo Switch, More

by - 2 years ago

The hunt is on for Diablo 3 loot in a new, unlikely place: the entire world.

According to a recent contest post, fans everywhere will be scanning the internet and some real-life locations for QR codes and links to build a collection of treasure tracked on a new website. The codes give players drawing tickets to enter a pool to win rewards valued in the thousands of dollars (more below).


  1. Find loot codes scattered in the world or online and enter them at d3loot.com.
  2. Loot finds are classified as common, magic, rare, or legendary, and each higher classification gives you an additional entry drawing ticket for prizes (ranging from 1 entry to 4 entries).
  3. Hints can be found on the official Diablo Twitter page @Diablo. The first one is a cipher:

For rules and more details, click here.


Prizes include real-life models of well-known Diablo 3 weapons valued in the thousands of dollars and made by Volpin Props. There are also Diablo-themed Switch bundles and other goodies to be had.

  1. Replica Harvester Weapon ($2,000) x1
  2. Replica Scythe of the Cycle Weapon ($1,800) x1
  3. Replica Oathkeeper Weapon ($2,000) x1
  4. Replica Kridershot Weapon ($2,500) x1
  5. Replica Fleshrake Weapon ($2,300) x1
  6. Replica Wand of Woh Weapon ($3,200) x1
  7. Replica Johanna’s Argument Weapon ($3,500) x1
  8. Nintendo Switch™ Diablo III Eternal Collection Bundle  ($359) x10
  9. Digital Copy of Diablo III for the Nintendo Switch™ system (Game only) ($59.99) x50
  10. Cute but Deadly Colossal Diablo Figures ($54.99) x100
  11. Diablo “Pin of Sin” Pinny Arcade Collectible Pin ($5) x100
Originally Posted by The post author (Blue Tracker / Official Post)
Whether you’re a Diablo veteran or a complete newcomer, chances are you love treasure. To get you in shape for Diablo III Eternal Collection on the Nintendo Switch, we’re inviting you on a treasure hunt. Get ready to stretch those loot-chasing muscles and get your hands on some sweet (and very real) rewards!

We’ve hidden items across the internet (as well as in a few real-world locations), and it’s up to you to find them. Don’t worry—we’ll be giving you some clues on where to look. Learn more below!

In the coming days, we’ll be sharing some clues on our Twitter page. Once you decipher them, visit the corresponding location (online or in real life) to find an item or QR code. Click the link or scan the item you found, and you’ll be whisked away to your collections page, where you can track all the items you’ve collected so far.

The items you find earn you entries into a prize drawing, where you could win all kinds of amazing treasures. The number of entries you get for each item you find varies on its quality, so keep an eye out for those Legendaries!

Among the prizes up for grabs are copies of the Diablo III Eternal Collection Nintendo Switch Bundle, digital copies of the game, and various collectible goodies. You can also earn real life versions of some of the items you’ll find on the hunt! These are one-of-a-kind artifacts, brought to life by the crafting masters at Volpin Props.

If the idea of having your very own real-life Legendary item sounds appealing, be sure to follow us on Twitter and be on the lookout for the first clues.

Think you have what it takes to solve all the clues and hunt down these treasures? There’s only one way to find out, nephalem! Good luck on the hunt, and may the best adventurer win.

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