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The Future of Diablo: Bright as the Burning Hells!

by - 1 year ago

Today, our glorious and sometimes taking of souls, Nevalistis, posted a quick video on the future of the Diablo franchise – and how bright it is!

There are two key takeaways from the video:

  • Themes are going to continue and we should look forward to what the next ones should be soon. Guessing in a few weeks with Season 15 Information.
  • They are working on MULTIPLE Diablo projects. Now projects could mean anything from new content to DLC (think Necromancer Pack) to full-blown expansion or a new game.

Based on this, my first (with-in ten minutes of seeing the news) guess is a DLC this year at BlizzCon 2018. Maybe that Diablo 3 on Switch rumor comes true. Diablo 4 being announced next year?

Who knows, but what matters at the end of the day is this is great news. The game is not dead and is brimming with life from the burning hells – the way we like it!

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Robert G.

Robert a.k.a “Dredscythe” has been on the Diablo 3 scene since closed beta with a passion to play the game. He brings a fresh perspective, grounded in sound ideas, based on true development concepts to give ideas to improve and push the game forward. Current Diablo Site Manager, News Reporter and Graphic artist here at Blizzpro.

One response to “The Future of Diablo: Bright as the Burning Hells!”

  1. Chris says:

    D3 on Switch is like..yeeeh..whatever, they need to Announce D4 now

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