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Diablo Anniversary: Darkening of Tristram Patch Live January

by - 2 years ago

Patch 2.4.3, the “Darkening of Tristram,” is set to release to console and PC players in January 2017. The patch will send players back in time to the events of the original game, including:

  • 16 dungeon levels
  • All 4 original boss battles, including the old Diablo
  • New “old” art assets
  • Retro music from the original game
  • Lots of transmog and collectibles

And a lot more.

Players can dive into the past this–and every–January. For, like, the whole month. Simply visit the Old Ruins waypoint in Act I (indicated by a new pentagram on the map), enter the stylishly memorable Town Portal by the old Tristram fountain, and you’ll find yourself in a simulation of the entire old game.

Conquer the Lord of Terror all over again for a new head slot legendary gem, which gives you the soulstone-studded forehead of a vessel of the Dark Lord. Fight a familiar looking Butcher and obtain his cleaver. Dual-wield both of Wirt’s legs.

Not to mention new portraits, banners, and sigils. If you can’t wait for January, you can hop onto the PTR after BlizzCon to try out the new event for yourself!

Seth Harkins

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