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Josh Mosqueira Now Part of New Bonfire Studios

by - 3 years ago

During the evening of Sunday, September 11, 2016, a rumbling was made in the gaming industry as Bonfire Studios officially made its presence known to the world. BlizzPro previously reported the news that Josh Mosqueira had left Blizzard Entertainment on July 1, 2016, with his next move unknown at that time. Now we finally know.

Yes, Josh Mosqueira is one of the five founding members of Bonfire Studios, along with many familiar faces and names. The CEO of the studio, Rob Pardo, is best known for his 17-plus year stint at Blizzard Entertainment where he left his mark on World of Warcraft as one of its original lead designers. Nick Carpenter is also an ex-Blizzard employee now at Bonfire and his talents mainly focused around the cinematics we know and love from Blizzard as the head of their Cinematics department. There are a couple of other incredibly talented individuals revealed to be at Bonfire, so expectations are already quite high for what they will produce. In a New York Times article, Pardo noted that they’re not working on a game or even beholden to any genre at this current time. The studio is currently in hiring mode and looking to generate ideas for projects, but he does believe they will focus on a multiplayer experience for PC or mobile platforms.

Josh Bonfire

One of the key elements of Bonfire seems to be teamwork and collaboration, as many of the bios point to the idea of enjoying game development and gaming the most when it feels like a community effort devoid of bureaucratic elements that dictate the direction projects go. Often, the success of Hearthstone is pointed at for this particular model of a truly small team creating a massively addicting multiplayer experience. This seems to be what Bonfire Studios is after.

Are you excited to learn that this is where Josh had landed? Would you like to see Bonfire make an ARPG to compete with Diablo? Let us know what you think.

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