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D3 School: Speed Leveling For Season 4

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Diablo Season 4 levelling guide


Regardless of The Method Used To Level ALWAYS:

  1. Take your followers weapons for more damage starting off! Even if you are solo, you can still use your follower without them having a weapon.
  2. Check for cursed events. Stick to Act 1 Cursed Chest events, as the monsters in Act 1 are the easiest to kill, resulting in maximum efficiency. Cursed chests can be found in The Fields of Misery, The Old Ruins, Cathedral Level 1, Caverns of Araneae, and Halls of Agony 3.
  3. Keep an eye out for Helms with SOCKETS! Place a Ruby (Red) Gem into it (Red Gems = XP Boost). If you are in a party SHARE the extra socket-ed helms with your group.
  4. PICK UP EVERYTHING! Salvage everything you get to drop in game once you out level them (DO NOT be afraid to jump back into town and salvage them). Thanks to the 2.3 patch all crafting mats dropped below 70 can be used once you hit 70 for crafting.
  5. Upgrade your Blacksmith, Jeweler, and Mystic in that order. Start leveling the Blacksmith at level 42 and again 61. You will be able to craft various items along the way to help you level faster.
  6. Play in a group of 4. You get an Experience Boost from playing in a full party.
    1. Try to have a group of the same 4 classes to lootshare
    2. Have a group with the same Main Stat to share loot
      1. Barbarians and Crusaders Damage scales off of Strength
      2. Demon Hunters and Monks Damage scales off of Dexterity
      3. Witch Doctors and Wizards scale off of Intelligence


  1. Backtrack on a map regardless of your leveling  method…unless you absolutely have to.
  2. Play on a difficulty greater than HARD before level 70. HARD is proven to be the best by ALL the PROS.
  3. Pay to get gems taken out of gear. ALWAYS salvage the gems out of items you no longer need (Pre-70).
  4. Buy all your stash tabs right away. Get your Artisans first! Stash tabs should be bought when you need them only.


  • Some Level 6 Vendors Sell Rings.
  • Some Level 10 Vendors Sell Amulets.
  • One group member can buy all the rings and amulets for the group if others are low on gold and simply drop them on the ground for the rest of the party to use.

3 Different Ways To Level!

1) Bounties

Complete every bounty from Acts 1-5. ONLY turn them in once you hit 70. If you are not level 70 by the time you complete all of the bounties, finish off by doing rifts. Once hitting 70, turn in every BOUNTY in order of the BONUS Tag above the Bounty Act. The Bounties ROTATE their bonuses, so as you complete one, another one becomes the BONUS.  The Bonus Acts give you an extra cache. This is a semi-popular approach, however, it sadly gives the slowest progression.

2) Halls of Agony

The Halls of Agony is still the quickest way to level, however, it gives the lowest amount of gear.

How To Farm Halls of Agony
  • WAYPOINT: Halls of Agony 3 and clear the entire Hall.
  • DO NOT: Backtrack!!! Only do so IF it is a small portion of the map.
  • OPTIONAL CLEARS: Halls of Agony 1 and 2 (Take WayPoint Only – Avoid Cursed Hold Map).
  • LEAVE GAME: Re-set the game after every single clear of the Halls.

3) Rifting

Rifting is a little bit slower than Halls of Agony runs, however, it provides the BEST amount of gear per time invested! The rifting method is the best for gear drops! The better geared you are at level 70, the higher the difficulty level you can farm on. Not to mention, with the 2.3 patch, all crafting mats from salvaged Level 1-70 items will turn into crafting mats that will be usable at level 70. SO, the more gear you have drop and outgrow via leveling, will mean you have that many more crafting mats to work with when you hit level 70. In addition to this, you will also get more gold from completing Rifts.

COMING SOON… Best Gear Hunting Methods!


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I live stream on Tuesdays, Wednesday and Fridays 3:30PM – 10:30PM Atlantic Standard Time! I will be levelling from 1-70 and beyond on the RELEASE NIGHT of SEASON 4!

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