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Kanai’s Cube Recipe Guide

by - 3 years ago

Allo Allo! With Patch 2.3.0 almost here, we are getting one of the most exciting things, if not the most exciting, to come to Diablo 3. Now of course I am talking about Kunai’s Cube. With this item, we may all reminisce back to the day’s of the Horadric Cube of D2, but now it is even more amazing. Now without further ado, let me show you all that you can do:

Archive of Tal Rasha – Extract Legendary Power

With this you of course can extract most any legendary affix. Even for you Demon Hunters, you can extract powers from other weapons, such as using Rimeheart or Thunderfury to boost those elemental builds. With so many options, builds will finally begin to branch out and vary. Being able to tailor make a build to your play style while also making it really powerful is just beautiful.

Law of Kulle – Reforge Legendary

Allowing you to recreate your legendary as if it was just picked up. Great for when you finally run across the Kridershot you have been looking for and it unfortunately comes up with bad rolls. Also this can make a non-ancient become ancient, however be warned as it can also do the reverse.

Hope of Cain – Upgrade Rare Item

Takes a useless yellow item and creates a legendary out of it of the same item type. Targetting that specific sword or mace just became a whole lot easier.

Skill of Nilfur – Convert Set Item

Tired of getting those set shoulders over and over and over again? Now you can solve this problem with a simple recipe and make those shoulders into a helmet! Or whatever piece your heart desires.

Work of Cathan – Remove Level Requirement

If you are playing Hardcore or just like leveling up alternates, this is the recipe for you. Take that ancient weapon and maybe even a whole set of gear and make it usable at level one and watch as you tear thru hell on your way to 70.

  • Equippable Item x1
  • Rank 25+ Gem of Ease x1

Darkness of Radament – Convert Gems

If you are just having problems with too many Ruby‘s on your Wizard, here is the solution for you. Just pop what you don’t want in and choose what you want to get back out!

  • Any Gem x9
  • Essence of Select Gem Type

Anger of Iben Fahd- Convert Crafting Materials

And we know that you have all ran out of Arcane Dust or Reusable Parts at some point while you have stacks on stacks of Veiled Crystal‘s. Now you can take those piling up yellow stones and make them into just what you need!

  • White, Blue or Yellow Crafting Material x100
  • Normal, Magic or Rare Equippable Item x1 (Whichever color you want your Materials to be)
  • Death’s Breath x1


Now of course you are all going to want to know where you find all these new crafting material, and it is quite simple. Most of these can be found by completing bounties and opening up the caches. The only items you can’t find are the different Essences for converting gems. These can be purchased in Act II from Squirt the Peddler. For each of the bounty materials, here is where to find them:

Lastly during PTR some people found some other little-hidden recipes. And here they are:

Open a Portal to the Vault

No more hunting all season just to find a vault. Now it is as simple as one item:

Open a Portal to the “Not the Cow Level”

And just in case some of you were still feeling nostalgic or missed the second coming of the Cow King (and the first of the Cow Queen), they have brought it back for your enjoyment!

That my friends is all. May you enjoy all of your new bounty hunting and fun new builds. If you should happen to experiment and come across any more hidden recipes for the Cube, let me know at threedaysjpt@blizzpro.com and we will add them here.


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