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The Horadrim Corner: Armageddon Natalya’s Demon Hunter

by - 5 years ago

Welcome to the Horadrim Corner! Come gather by the fire and talk about the builds you all want to see! Let the ancient knowledge of the Horadrim assist your quest for greatness as you slaughter the demons that stand in your way. For all that is good, build yourself into a warrior worthy of Pandemonium!

Here we are once again for the fourth edition of the Horadrim Corner. This week we will be featuring that murderous ranger, the Demon Hunter. The build here revolves around the revamped Natalya’s Vengeance set and the connected skill Rain of Vengeance. Let the demons of Pandemonium cower before you as you blot out the sun with the hail of arrows that you create. To supplement this, you also take advantage of the dual-wielding Danetta’s Hatred one-handed crossbows: Danetta’s Spite and Revenge. This build is geared towards mobility and speed, making it a great farming build even up to high Greater Rifts 40+. Without further ado, here we go:

DH skills


Vault – Action Shot: Combined with Natalya’s two piece set bonus, this keeps your Rain of Vengeance up all the time, along with giving you great mobility and speed through the rift.
Rain of Vengeance – Dark Cloud: The main kill skill of this build, this provides great AoE damage while providing you a cast-and-leave skill where you don’t have to worry about the targeting.
Vengeance – Seethe: This sexy uber skill launches off most of the DH’s arsenal, making you a one-man murdering machine. The Seethe keeps up your Hatred to execute the hordes of Hell.
Shadow Power – Shadow Glide: A useful heal skill that helps keep that glass cannon alive. The Shadow Glide rune increases Movement Speed for quickly cruising across Sanctuary.
Companion – Wolf Companion: Howling across the battlefield, the Wolf will help you and your party kill faster with a 30% damage increase.
Preparation – Punishment: Needed to keep Hatred up to continue up the arrow armageddon.


Tactical AdvantageYet another movement buff to speed across the fields.
AwarenessOne of the better cheat death passives, this is extremely necessary for the squishy DH.
ArcheryCombined with the dual-wield crossbows, this passive adds 5% Critical Hit Damage and more Hatred per second.
AmbushA large damage boost when attacking many mobs at once, to help keep the cruising going.

Stats Preferences

Dexterity>Critical Hit % Chance/% Damage>% Elemental Damage>Vitality>Hatred Regen>All Resist/Armor>% Rain of Vengeance Damage>% Life>% Cooldown Reduction

DH gear


Natalya’s Sight, Embrace, Touch, Leggings, Bloody Footprints, Reflection6 piece set bonus of Natalya’s makes this whole build possible. Both offensively and defensively beneficial, this is the best of both worlds for the DH.
Crashing RainGreat single target burst to supplement the AoE of Rain of Vengeance. Read more about this amazing belt in Ars Arcanum.
Danetta’s Revenge and SpiteVaulting will be your main source of mobility and movement. Ensure you have the bow with higher damage on your main hand.
Aughild’s Power and SearchThis classic set will give the extra survival boost that is essential to help push you higher difficulties.

Legendary Gems:
Gem of Efficacious Toxin
With the AoE of your Rain of Vengeance, this gives a 10% kill boost for virtually every enemy you fight.
TaegukWith constant Vaulting, this will nearly always be at max stacks, giving an incredible attack and defense increase.
Pain EnhancerBeing a physical build, this will add more damage as you let your enemies bleed to death.


This build is very simple compared to other Natalya’s builds. You Vault through enemies to reduce your Rain of Vengeance cooldown and use the Crashing Rain affix to kill your foes. If you ever come across an elite pack or mob combo that proves to be difficult, just keep vaulting through! You’re fast enough to leave behind anything that will keep you from completing your Rift in time. You could clear an entire rift killing only white mobs if you wanted and the damage from Crashing Rain will still be enough to take down Rift Guardians without issue. For a more in-depth look at the playstyle, check out the video guide below.


Credit to Desolacer

Each week, we will be featuring a different build for a different class, rotating through to spread the love around. If you have a cool build that you are using and would like to share with the community, send it over to my email: threedaysjpt@blizzpro.com. Send me pictures, notes, items, skills, everything!


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