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Transmog Tuesday #2

by - 6 years ago

 It’s round two of Transmog Tuesday, where we take a look at the best looking Nephalem submitted by YOU, showcase them for the world to see, and figure out what makes them tick. If you’re going to slay demons, shouldn’t you look good doing it?

Last week’s Transmog Tuesday featured Three Days and his Masked Angel Crusader. This week, we take a look at the opposite end of the fighting spectrum. Fellow reader Lala (featured in Episode 38.5 of Westmarch Workshop) submitted her nature-themed Monk, Arya, who is an “agile melee fighter.” She proves that not all great looking transmog sets require all Legendary items. In fact, she doesn’t use a single Legendary in her build. Lala felt that most of the Legendary items seem “too clunky” for a nimble character who needs to be quick and witty to fight her enemies. She takes her transmog game to a new level and even matches her banners with her transmog sets (see details below). Thanks for the submission and very well done, Lala!


Curious about her banner? Check it out:

  • Shape – Half Moon – Seasonal Captain
  • Pattern – Heavens – Seasonal Major
  • Sigil – Leaf – Seasonal Winner
  • Accent – Growth – Seasonal Colonel
  • Dye – Forest Green for Banner and Sigil; Green for Pattern

Do you have a transmog set that you are particularly proud of to show off to the world? Does your Crusader look like an angelic soldier sent by Akkhan himself? Is your Wizard so beautiful that she slays demons with her looks alone? If so, send the following to LtLunatic@blizzpro.com:

  • A high quality picture of your character at the main menu or the in-game menu;
  • A list of each item used for the transmog set along with the color of dye of each piece (see format above);
  • A brief description of your theme; and
  • Your name (We want to give you the credit!)

That’s it! We will choose our favorite submissions and feature them in future Transmog Tuesday posts. Feel free to send as many submissions as you want, but please limit it to one submission per transmog set. Time to let those creative juices flow!



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