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Hellforge: Rock and Roll Barbarian – Patch 2.2.0 PTR

by - 6 years ago

One of the most epic parts of being a nephalem in Sanctuary is that there are so many of us! On a daily basis, players are wracking their brains, stashes, and forums for new ideas on how to build a better demon slaying machine. The Hellforge is an iconic location steeped in lore and visited briefly in Diablo II – it is a place for getting dangerous deeds done. We wanted to bottle that same ethos and create a compendium of possible builds for players new and old to research, test, and iterate upon. We will scour the community’s offerings to bring you some of the more intriguing entries in celebration of innovation and inspiration for new creations.

Greetings, friends! In this special edition of the Hellforge, I’m back from the Patch 2.2.0 PTR with some really cool Barbarian stuff. The new sets in general are putting out a ton of damage, but who says we have to throw away the old stuff, too? I personally have a lot of fun playing with the current Raekor Barb set-up, so I decided to have my cake and eat it, too, with this Rock and Roll Barbarian! Soon you’ll understand why I chose such a ridiculous name. The build is ridiculous enough to warrant it. I have two videos for you:

  • The first is an overview of the skills and gear needed to utilize the build properly.
  • The second is actual gameplay footage from the PTR in Greater Rift 50 with some of my commentary over it. Enjoy!

Stephen Stewart

Leviathan is a top-tier Hardcore player, with several Top 10 Leaderboard finishes during Seasons and also many high rankings and server-firsts for various Conquests. His favorite class is the Crusader and you can catch his stream at https://www.twitch.tv/leviathan111!

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  1. Dannie Ray says:

    Rock on man, this build looks sweet.

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