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“What’s Next” Panel Megapost

by - 5 years ago

If you didn’t get a chance to catch the panel live or via the live stream, don’t worry! We’ve got all the juicy details right here.

General News

Season 2 and Patch 2.1.2 PTR coming soon.

Not everything shown below will be in Patch 2.1.2, some will come in later patches.

Still no word on when Season 1 will end.

The devs view RNG or randomness as a tool, not a philosophy to be aimed for. Randomness helps add varying play styles to the game and helps to increase replayability and long time enjoyment to the game. They acknowledged the need to curb some of the extreme randomness throughout the panel but stress that randomness is always going to play a part in Diablo.

No plans on adding D2-like Runes to the game. They don’t like Runewords from s design aspect since you have to exit the game to learn how to arrange them, but they do like the idea of slow, incremental item upgrades overtime.

New Goblins


There have always been multiple goblin models in the game but no difference between any of them. All that is changing now with the addition of three new types of goblins:

Blood Thief – Drops Blood Shards

Gem Hoarder – Drops a massive amount of gems

Odious Collector – Drop tons of crafting mats as well as crafting plans.

They will also be adding in new sound effects to the different goblins and changing their mechanics slightly. They want to add a little more drama to finding goblins, so they are changing the stagger counts so they aren’t as easily stopped and goblins will now instinctively run towards other enemy monster to increase the risk level of killing them.

Legendary Gems


Esoteric Alteration – Gains X% non-Physical Damage Reduction. lvl25 Unlock – When below half Life your non-Physical resistances increase by 75%

Molten Wildbeest’s Gizzard – Regenerate XXX Life per Second. lvl25 Unlock – After not taking damage for 4 seconds, gain an absorb shield for 200% your total Life per Second.

They also plan on adding in new items in the future to try and promote the use of under performing Legendary gems instead of just nerfing the top tier gems.

Questing, Zones, Cities, and Layouts

They are going to be making massive changes to many of the static outdoor zones like the Dahlgur Oasis or Fields of Misery. The intent is to remove all static zones and replace them with random tile set maps so that it makes for a new and fresh adventure every time you load up one of those maps.

Currently Dahlgur Oasis, Leroic’s Jail, and the Spider Caves of A1 are all slated to get updated in Patch 2.1.2 with other zones getting updated in future patches.

New Tristram is going to get its layout updated so that you don’t have to run forever in order to get to the Jeweler or the Enchantress.

New NEW Tristram



Pylons are here to stay! The devs have no intentions of removing them from Greater Rifts because they like the randomness and excitement it adds to gameplay. They acknowledged that Conduit Pylons are more powerful then their other counterparts, they want to buff the other pylons to on par with Conduit it terms of strength. That way you’ll get excited whenever you find a pylon and each one should add relatively the same amount of progress to your Grift clear. We also learned that each Grift level should contain about 2-4 pylons to help balance progression and add a level of excitement to gameplay.

Greater Rifts

Devs will be working on improving mob density and level designs to make all Grifts feel more consistent while still maintaining a certain level of randomness. Long dead ends and looping paths will be removed from Grifts so that you’re not tricked into long periods of dead time.

Rift Guardians are going to get a balance pass to make them a little more consistent in terms of difficulty and kill speed. You won’t need to cringe as much when you seen Rime popup at the end of your run, but this might also mean a boss like the Bone Warlock might make you a little more hesitant.

Death Timers will be making a return in the Patch 2.1.2 PTR. To try and make deaths not as penalizing in softcore, you will once again be able to Resurrect at Corpse while in Grifts, but there will be an ever increasing timer added to still make dying a detrimental experience.

Devs plan on making some changes to Trial Rifts, but they didn’t really talk about what those changes would be.


The devs did not like the first to lvl 70 conquest as it promoted boring play experiences and exploiting game mechanics. They did really enjoy the Speed Racer conquest though. Expect more conquests like Speed Racer in future seasons. We got a glimpse at Season 2’s new conquests below.


There will be new Items, Banner flair, and Transmogs for Season 2. We have an indepth look into Season 2 here.

Season 2

The Transmog set introduced in Season 1 will continue in Season 2 and into Season 3. You can complete the entire set look by leveling to 70 in each of the first three Seasons.

Seasons Transmog


Adventure mode will continue to start unlocked from the beginning of the season for the foreseeable future. The devs might leverage Story Mode for conquests or other such things, but they probably won’t force players into Story Mode in season for a while.


New Legendaries & Sets

A new mechanic is being added in for the player that “has it all” called Ancient Items. Any legendary or set piece (both dropped or crafted) has a chance as dropping as an Ancient Item. Ancient Items have better stats (up to 30% better) than their regular counterparts and can only be found in Torment I or higher. The higher the Torment Difficult or Grift level, the greater your chance at having an item drop as an Ancient version. Currently the drop chance is 1.5% for Torment I up to 5% or 10% at Torment VI and the chance for them to drop is increased by the Rift drop buff, but the best way of obtaining Ancient Items will be Grifts. The higher your Grift level the greater your chance at finding an Ancient Item. Since Grift 26-28 is around Torment VI in terms of difficulty, I can imagine the much higher Grift levels will have very good chances at dropping the best gear in the game.

Ancient Items


We also have look into some of the new or updated items coming in Season 2 below. Note on the Wormwood, it constantly and passively casts Locust Swarm on any enemy near you.

New Legs


New Rift Tileset

The Ruins of Sescheron, the former Barbarian capital that was destroyed by Baal 20 years ago. This once proud city has become little more than a massive graveyard for the scattered Barbarian tribes to bury their dead. This map will feature tons of new traps, some that you can interact with and use as weapons against your enemies. This new area will not be added in time for Patch 2.1.2.

The devs also hinted at new zones being added in for Rifts based on places from lore that game hasn’t been to yet, such as Skovos, Ureh and others. All in later patches of course.

New Monsters

Act 4 & 5 mobs are a lot more difficult to deal with their other counterparts due to special abilities and mechanics they possess. They plan on adjusting some of the outliers to so that you aren’t tempted to skip mob packs in Rifts that are just too time consuming to be worth killing.

Hamlin, the Rat King, will be a new Rift Guardian and absolutely disgusting! He spawns rats from holes in his back and traps you inside giant poison bubbles while throwing Rat-Tornadoes at you. He’ll also eat your corpse if you fall to him in battle.

Rat King


There will also be new swarm type mobs added in such as Naja Beetles who spit fire at you and Frozen Maggots that freeze nearby player when they die. We also saw some awesome concept art of Yetis that will be added in in a later patch.



Ultimate Evil Edition

Seasons are unlikely to ever make it to consoles due to offline mode. With the ability to hack items in offline mode it completely delegitimizes everything within a Season.

PC players may get to experience the Player Gift and Nemesis systems from the console versions of the game.


That about wraps up everything we learned from the What’s Next panel, but stay tune for more info as it comes in from the demo floor, developer interviews, and tomorrow’s Evolving Reaper of Souls panel.




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