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PTR Season 2 now open

by - 5 years ago

Seasons are one of the big Features coming on Patch 2.1, the first test Season just concluded and the second one is underway. Learn what will happen to your Seasonal Heros once their Season ends.


As many of you are probably aware by now, we have just closed “Season 1” on the PTR. Leaderboards have been reset and Seasonal heroes can be created.

Please note that we’ve discovered a known issue with Seasonal Leaderboard data. More information on this and other known issues here.

PTR Season 1 Roll-Over:

After PTR Season 1 had ended, the Season roll-over took place. During the roll-over, your Seasonal heroes, inventory, shared stash, and Paragon experience were transferred to your non-Seasonal profile.

Normal heroes, inventory, shared stash, and Paragon experience transfer to your Normal non-Seasonal profile. Similarly, Hardcore heroes, inventory, shared stash, and Paragon experience transfer to your Hardcore non-Seasonal profile.

  • Heroes: At the end of a Season, your Seasonal heroes become non-Seasonal heroes. They appear in your normal roster. Any items, equipped or in the hero’s inventory, roll-over with the hero itself.
  • Shared Stash: Items in your Seasonal heroes’ shared stash are mailed to your Normal/Hardcore non-Seasonal profile. These items can be retrieved by entering a game on any non-Seasonal hero and clicking on the mail icon located in the lower left of your screen.
  • Currency: Gold will be automatically transferred from your Seasonal profile to your non-Seasonal profile. Ditto for Blood Shards. Quick note about Blood Shards and Season roll-overs:
    • When transferring over your Blood Shards from your Seasonal profile to your non-Seasonal profile, we will temporarily ignore the 500 cap.
    • For example, let’s say my Seasonal profile has 200 Blood Shards and my non-Seasonal profile has 400. At the end of a Season, the 200 shards from my Seasonal profile will combine with the stack of 400 from my non-Seasonal profile, giving me 600 shards total (not 500, the normal cap). This is deliberate.
    • The caveat here is that players will be unable to pick up any more Blood Shards until they drop below 500.
  • Paragon Experience: Paragon experience earned during a Season transfer over directly without any additional involvement required from players. All Paragon experience transfer, with experience gained by Normal Seasonal heroes going to the account’s Normal non-Seasonal profile, and experience gained by Hardcore Seasonal characters going to the account’s Hardcore non-Seasonal profile. (Note: Non-Paragon experience does not transfer.)
  • Artisans and Crafting Plans: If your Seasonal Artisans are a higher level than your non-Seasonal Artisans, their level transfers at the end of the season to your non-Seasonal profile. Any recipes you have on your Seasonal Artisans that are not available to your non-Seasonal Artisans are transferred as well.

If you are interested in the stages of Season roll-over please check out the thread on the US forum.

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