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PAX East 2014 Ultimate Evil Edition Interview

by - 6 years ago

Blizzpro’s very own Stephen Stewart had the wonderful opportunity to sit down with senior producer Julia Humphreys and senior level designer Matthew Berger at PAX East and ask some questions while playing the Ultimate Evil Edition of Reaper of Souls for the PS4.

Without a doubt, the most amazing detail revealed during the play session is the changes the console team has made to the Massacre/Destruction bonuses. Instead of just giving relatively trivial experience bonuses the new perks can give you XP multipliers or speed boosts and they are even working on tying in the Nephalem Glory orbs and resource boosts to the differet kill streaks. Now that is a feature I will be jealous of if that doesn’t make it back into the PC version. The dev team is really making RoS shine on the console and make it feel like it was built for the PS4 from the ground up instead of being just another port with a console logo slapped on it.





Whitney Fairchild

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  1. Dannie Ray says:

    I really hope some of those improvements come back to the PC version.

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