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New Live Hotfixes

by - 6 years ago

The Diablo Team released some new hotfixes earlier today and hardcore players can now play their Crusaders without instagibbing themselves. These hotifxes corrected a few other bugs involved with The Shadow’s Mantle set and your profile not displaying how many hours you’ve played on your Crusader.


  • The profile menu now reports accurate play time for all classes, including the Crusader.*
  • Crafting plans purchased from a vendor can no longer be sold back.*


  • The Set bonuses from The Shadow’s Mantle Class Set should now properly proc for only Demon Hunters.*


  • Blessed Shield – Shattering Throw
    • Should no longer cause players to deal Area Damage to themselves and allies.*
  • Iron Maiden
    • This skill no longer erroneously scales with monster difficulty and provides 6102 Thorns @ level 70.*
      • Please note the tooltip will not reflect this value. We plan to rework this skill in a future patch.

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